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What our clients say:

"It really worked on the cravings I just don't get them anymore."
"My issue was dealt with quickly without going too much into the story."
"I can now tap on myself and use it anywhere."
"I can bend down and do my shoes for the first time in two years."
"I don’t know of any other method that would persuade a very willfull..."
"...and determined 3 year old child to do something against their will without one word of protest."
"I couldn't believe it worked until I tried it myself on my cramp."
"Have no back pain since, amazing, even a little scary."
"I have not eaten any chocolate since which is amazing for me. Not alone have I not eaten any Chocolate..."
"...I also have not eaten anything sweet nor have I any inclination to do so. Fantastic!"
"It's so effective and simple to use."
"EFT goes straight to the point, core issue, and works with the complex emotional blocks gently and effectively."
"Jack hasn't had a single shoulder pain since your tapping session with him. He doesn't want to tell..."
" himself as he's got superstitious that if he talks about it his symptoms will come back!"
"I think I would have had a nervous breakdown by now if it wasn’t for tapping. It has really helped with my anxiety. Mick age 12"
"Norah doesn’t give out to me about my weight, so it makes it easy. I’ve started walking and I bought new runners! Johnnie"
"Had a weekend away with all smokers and didn’t smoke. It was no problem. Thanks a million. Sandra"
"People in work asked me was I working out, because I looked so well and relaxed. Sean"
"Get Results with EFT Tapping"
"I would highly recommend Skype as a medium for Tapping."
"You have the magic touch! I feel tons lighter, weight off my shoulders and I slept through the night."
"I let go of my hurt and let-down over being dumped and with it went my sore throat - great. Thanks."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the Tapping experience and it worked very effectively on Skype."

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